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Cat Earning an ‘Honorary Degree’ from UT Austin Is Just Too Precious

When the pandemic hit, students had to quickly adjust to a new normal. They just up and left their friends. Their college routine was turned upside down. Many returned home to their childhood bedroom or to their apartments alone. But they kept attending classes on Zoom in those bedrooms and makeshift offices. One can only imagine how difficult it was to adapt. Luckily for some students, they had their furry besties to help them through the transition to the virtual world. 

One of those besties even became a 'graduate' of UT Austin! A local news station in Austin highlighted a graduate from the Class of 2022, Francesca Bourdier, and her partner-in-crime, Suki. Bourdier told the news station that her cat Suki attended every single one of her Zoom lectures. Heck, that's more classes than we would have attended...LOL! And because Suki was a great student who listened to lectures and actually paid attention, Bourdi decided graduation wouldn't be right without her. It was only right that Suki earned her diploma as well. Now, have you ever seen anything cuter in a grad cap?!

O.M.G. Not only did Suki earn a 'degree,' she earned it at 1 and a half years old! What?! That's simply just unheard of, ha! "Omg already so accomplished at 1 and a half, I'm so proud of her," @feidfromfrokk said in a reply on Twitter. We are all so dang proud of her! 

We, and the rest of Twitter, can't get over Bourdier's amazing pictures of her and Suki in their cap and gowns. @Rainbwkat3 said, "'Any words before you get your diploma?' 'Meow.'" LOL! That's the best acceptance speech we've ever heard! @lexlanham added, "Kitty's expression in photo two is like, 'Go ahead professor, ask me the facts of the case—I DARE YOU.'” Suki knew she earned that mortarboard and the right to sit so proudly in those pics. Well, she did go to every Zoom lecture for crying out loud! 

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Since Suki earned her degree, we think every other pet who has helped get their owners through school should get one too. There should even be a special degree just for animals. Maybe a BC? Bachelor of Cuteness! 

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