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Donut-Stealing Cat Has Completely Stolen Our Hearts

Show us a box of fresh donuts and we all turn into Homer Simpson. Mmmmm.. donuts. And, according to this video posted by TikTok user @MandyFishy, so do cats. Well, at least their cat, who has absconded with a delicious looking donut and has zero interest in giving it up. 

Just watch this, we are all this cat. 

LOL! The comments are just as good as this hysterical video. First of all, @FlowandJackJack says, "As his lawyer I believe he has a point it’s already in his mouth so.." OH! We had no idea this cat had legal representation. Carry on , then! @EricaMartinez comments, "He said I will choose violence if you take my donut." That growl! That cat is serious about his breakfast pastries. @TheTajmeow adds, "I love when they growl before you even approach. They KNOW, they know EXACTLY when they’ve been naughty." 

@Justin does make a valid point, saying, "Buuut... and hear me out on this, what if, what if indeed donuts ARE for kitties?" Welp, maybe they are! We'd have a hard time denying this cute baby a donut too! 

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