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Cat Devouring Human Food Is Hilariously Just Like Us

Get ready to meet your feline twin in this absolutely hilarious video TikTok user @Wmtouchi posted featuring their adorable cat who eats just like a human. We have never seen a cat eat lettuce before so this feline gets a gold sticker for being in the clean plate club. 

Just listen to him purring while he's eating! This video is just too funny.

LOL! They way he just noms at everything! And the noises he makes! @Ana says, "She/ he eats with lots of passion." LOL, passion is one way to describe it. @AndyK adds, "I've finally found someone who makes the same noises as me when I'm eating." @Fifadude explains, "It's a little dinosaur." Awwwww! 

Now, there are a few vegetables you should never give your cat, like eggplants and leeks and onions. Cats can absolutely eat eggs. Cats actually can eat tomatoes, under certain circumstances. As with anything you feed your pet, it's best to check with your veterinarian. And then take a video of your cat devouring lettuce because we need to see that! 

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