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Video of Cat Pretending to Eat Roses Is As Good As It Gets

Any pet owner will warn you that you must be careful with what kinds of plants you bring into the house. Cats especially are known to chew through plants. It's crucial for you to be extra cautious. Better yet, cats should be trained like TikTok user @fancyacademic's cat. 

In this hilarious clip, the TikToker's cat was sitting next to a vase full of roses. We initially thought the cat was eating the roses, but much to our surprise, the cat was doing something else. It's a sign of a very well-trained cat if you ask us! 

LOL! The cat knew better than to actually eat the roses and was just tasting the air around the flowers. We wish kids were this well behaved too. Heck, we adults don't even have this kind of self-restraint. @wonderfulwazard wrote, "Me in the candle aisle." HA! Oh, we relate to this so hard. We want to smell every candle and buy at least 10. We need to be more like this cat who can hold back temptations with ease.

"I noms the essence," commented @tropical.d.pression. The cat was really just eating all the smells, a close second to actually eating. LOL! And @erinlynne412 totally wrote what was going through the cat's mind. The comment reads, "Not touching, can't get mad." True! In fact, we think this good kitty deserves a treat for behaving. 

Another TikTok user, @lenbysbian, said, "OMG lol I've never seen a cat air chewing." Neither have we, but apparently, it's a thing! At least it is for good kitties like this one. LOL!


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