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Cat's Odd and Hilarious Way of Eating His Food Has TikTok in Stitches

Cats are one exciting animal that we can't seem to get enough of. They truly do march to the beat of their own drum, not having a care in the world. From their different and funky sleeping positions to their jumping and climbing abilities, there's never a dull moment with cats. And just when you think you have your cat all figured out, you see something new. Take for instance this clip from TikTok user @addsomebutters.

This TikToker must've put out the food for her cats as she does every day. A little bit later she sees her one cat named Baxter doing something very out of the ordinary. Something she's never seen before. Instead of jumping on the counter to get his food, he decided to test his strength. And once you see this clip you'll be wondering exactly what the creator wrote in the caption, "Can somebody give me a scientific explanation on why Baxter eats this way?" LOL!

LMAO! How in the world is this comfortable for Baxter?! Clearly, he doesn't care because he's still scarfing down his food. This once again proves that cats march to the beat of their own drum. 

"He's stretching out his belly to fit more food!" said @Isaac Alers. Now this is something we have to try! Baxter is clearly one step ahead of us. Sorry, one lunge ahead of us. LOL! @voyager_harness added, "Now that's talent 😂😂." Right?! It's a sign of his strength, which is why we're LOLing at @Gail Wilkins975 comment. It reads, "Tell me you do CrossFit without telling me you do CrossFit 😂😂." Something tells us this is more difficult than CrossFit. LOL!

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@zigzard wrote, "If you don’t live life on the edge you can’t see the view." That are some words to live by. And by this logic, Baxter is living life to the fullest! 

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