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Cat's Sweet Way of 'Celebrating' Mom's Engagement Couldn't Be Better

Cats may seem indifferent to their owners at times, but that's just because they are highly independent creatures, and it doesn't mean they don't love us. Cats just have their own ways of expressing affection in their own time. One woman's cat had an extra special and very cat-like way of showing her mom love when she came home with a new engagement ring on her finger.

TikTok user @saharandtre recently shared a video of their cats first look at their engagement ring! The text on the video says that when this kitty's mom got home the night of her engagement, she was so excited to share the news with her fur baby! In the video, the cat seems to be inspecting the ring by sniffing, gently biting, and licking it. Check out the video to see this wholesome moment!

Aww, such a sweet video. This kitty seems to give her mom the seal of approval and deem the ring worthy to be on her mom's hand. We just love when people include their pets in occasions like this!

People in the comments thought it was so adorable how invested this cat was in the engagement. @mmaryam99 said, "Stop this is so wholesome, I’m crying," and @nemarezzz commented, "She is clearly very happy for you." It's obvious this kitty has so much love for her momma and knows this ring makes her happy.

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Others made jokes about the cat testing out the ring. @crispmangojuul commented, "She was making sure it's real for you," and @jwilder227 said, "I hope she had a say in picking out your ring!" Cat owners often think of their kitties as their best friend, and everyone knows the best friend needs to be involving in picking out the ring!

We are so happy for this cat and her parents! It's clear they are all happy for each other and will be together with their precious fur baby for a long time.

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