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Video of Cat Enjoying a Bahamas Sunrise Has Us in Total Envy

Who doesn't dream of spending their lives in paradise? Waking up every day to the sun, the sea air, and nothing to do but hang by the water. For one cat, that dream is real and we're not saying that we're totally jealous, but — we're totally jealous. And after you see the video, you definitely wouldn't judge us.

Flip Flop lives in the Bahamas with her mama @southpauseislandgirl and together they spend their days enjoying the sunshine. But a recent video of Flip Flop (or Flippy as she's sometimes called) taking it all in has racked up over 200,000 views. In the footage, the cat is laying outside staring at the ocean waves. "I let her out every morning before sunrise," the video's text overlay reads. "She just sits there waiting for the sunrise." Okay, we really wish we could switch places with Flippy.

Other people online were absolutely obsessed with Flippy's little slice of paradise. "It’s the cute little paws crossed for me," @rach_513 wrote. "That cat has a beautiful life," @victoriainflorida710 praised. "She knows what’s important," @sometimeswise agreed. "This is a smart cat, taking time to soak in the morning sun rise, total peace," @pepper225 commented. 

Although another commenter @cards_fan1 made a very good point: "Cats are the only ones living life the right way," they wrote. 

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And yep, we certainly agree. Most cats do exactly what they want to and spend most of their lives dozing and eating. Sounds like the perfect plan to us. Flippy just happens to live her best life in the best circumstances. And we're sure that she enjoys every minute of it!

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