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Cat's Attitude After Escaping Owner on the Airplane Is Just Priceless

How come whenever we go on a flight we're not blessed with adorable animals? We've seen plenty of videos of pets living their best lives up in the skies. Getting attention from other passengers and more treats than normal. Although, just like kids, they all aren't on their best behavior. That's alright though, we'll still take a bad pet on a plane any time we fly!

We wouldn't say this cat that TikTok user @spicyajvar met on the flight was a bad one. He was more of an explorer in our eyes! This TikTok creator started to film when she saw a cat in her aisle. That's not normal! The cat was just hanging out, enjoying a new part of the plane. You know, just staying entertained for the long flight. But that didn't last too long. One of the flight attendants stepped in to bring back the cat to its owner and well, this was one very grumpy cat!

LMAO! The cat was so upset about having to return to his owner. His whole body just went limp as the flight attendant carried him away. We're copying @gkwa6 who said, "Not the walk of shame. 😂." Ha! This is definitely a cat's version of a walk of shame. So embarrassed he was caught! @Erin Maria commented, "He’s looking around like don’t say anything ….🤫 🐾 ." Don't worry kitty, your secret would've been safe with us! 

TikTok users are saying what they would've done if they were in this creator's shoes. And we'd probably be the same way. LOL! @jenaballester wrote, "I would have definitely borrowed him for the rest of the flight." Right?! A furry friend to keep you comfortable and to calm down your nerves if you have any while flying! @kelkelcas added, "Not me quietly scooting him into my bag." O.M.G. Alright, maybe we wouldn't go this far! But he is a very adorable kitty that it would be very tempting to keep him forever. 

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As much as we would've wanted to keep the cat, we're happy though that the cat was found and returned. We can't imagine how scary it must've been for the owner. 

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