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Video of Cat Falling in Love With New Foster Kitten Is Beyond Heartwarming

Fostering an animal can open your heart. And it can change the pets you already have for the better too. So many people were absolutely taken by a video of one cat embracing their new baby kitten foster sibling. And we have to admit the video got us a little teary too. 

The incredible footage was shared by @vs.1320, who was lucky to get a sweet moment between their kitties on film. The video shows foster cat slowly walking over to the elder cat. Normally this would be a touch-tender situation, but the cat's reaction to the baby kitty is just amazing. 

"When your cat also falls in love with your foster kitten," the caption reads. 

The lovely moment has won over the 3.7 million viewers who've watched the footage already. "WELL IT'S HIS NOW ! THEY ARE BFF ! YOU CAN'T BREAK THAT UP!" @cynthiameserve63 exclaimed in the comments section. "Yeah I’m gonna need about three of these a day thanks in advance," @akcrucial joked about the cute video. "That ain’t a foster kitty anymore!!!" @marinofromciro teased. "Like how did you catch this pure moment. It's so tender," @shannabelcher wondered.

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People were so obsessed with these two that their owner even shared a second video of the pair having a cuddle. "Update: Yeah my Foster kitten loves my cat it's mutual," the caption reads.

This foster cat is clearly very well taken care of. After all, the best foster home is one filled with love. 

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