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Cat Fears His Family Is Abandoning Him While Moving Houses and It's the Saddest Thing

Even when a rescued pet lives the rest of their days in bliss with their fur-ever family, the trauma of the past can rear its ugly head. It can be difficult to witness, but it does happen. Luckily, there's a lot you can do to reassure your fur baby that they are safe, sound, and loved. 

Just ask Erika, the cat mama who runs @mrmilothechonk's popular TikTok account. She witnessed her kitty's PTSD-like experience while she was moving houses, and it has all of social media feeling for the kitty. He thought he was being abandoned all over again!  

Of course, Milo was not being left behind at all--he was just kept in another room for safety. Still, his reaction is beyond heartbreaking!

Poor baby! We feel so bad for Milo (and for his mama, too), but we're glad his confinement didn't last for long. Erika just needed to take care of the moving! 

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"I obviously know you didn’t abandon him but that still made me cry??" @taylor_desiree commented. LOL--us too! Even though we knew he wasn't going to be abandoned, there's no way this little gray cat would've known what was happening. No wonder he was so distraught!

 Commenter @christy_f knows what we're talking about: "Omg those little cries. They don’t understand and it’s so hard," she wrote. "I hate hearing those cries. Poor baby. I bet he was so happy when you opened the door." Right? We can't imagine the relief and jubilation he must've been feeling! 

It simultaneously melted and broke our hearts when Milo got up close and personal with the camera. And that little meow?! It's the cutest thing! 

"That last meow was 'Mommy, come get me 🥺'," said @svsqz. It so was! Although Milo must've been scared out of his mind, he's such a smart boy for figuring out the camera like that. He's such a good boy!

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