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Incredible Video of Cat Bravely Fending Off a Coyote Is Going Viral

Cat owners around the globe are loving on their feline friends a little extra after watching one cat's terrifying encounter with a coyote. NBC New York recently shared the viral porch camera footage on their TikTok account, racking up endless sympathy for the brave little kitty. 

Don't worry--the cat is unharmed, albeit pretty afraid from the experience. Still, it's amazing how the feline was able to fight off and then wait out his predator. From the looks of the footage, the coyote appears to even grab the cat by the leg twice throughout the tussle, making the feline's feat that much more impressive. Someone give this cat a medal!

If you were also holding your breath the entire time, you’re not alone. As @liv.pearsall commented, “My heart was POUNDIN for lil buddy.” It was a terrifying moment to be sure, but viewers are letting out a collective sigh after hearing that the cat is safe. 

“[B]ro is probably rethinking his whole life,” commented @l321311190, and honestly, he’s not wrong. Once the orange feline is able to climb to safety, it’s clear he’s panicked and unsure of what to do next. Viewer @xoxoxojacqueline replied to the comment, “He definitely thinking this ain’t no regular dog usually when I scratch they back off 😂”. That’s also true – the cat likely didn’t know what was about to happen.

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With the most liked and replied-to comment of the video, @somarie78 writes "This cat just lost one of his 9 lives😿." As clever as that thought is, it's pretty sad, too. There's no doubt this is a major trauma for the kitty and a minor trauma for some of the viewers. "The part where he was trying to get on the railing had me yelling at my phone" wrote @liamcloverr.

Luckily, toward the end of the footage, the coyote can be seen walking away. The kitty holds on to their perch for a while longer before slipping off, but the homeowner who saw this all unfold on his porch told FOX 26 that the cat appeared to be OK after the encounter. 

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