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Cat Finds the Aftermath of a Lush Bath Bomb and Total Hilarity Ensues

Hands down, there is no greater luxury than a bath bomb from Lush. Sometimes, all you need is a good soak in the tub, a bath bomb, and a book, and you’ll be right as rain. However there is one tiny side effect: glitter. Lots and lots of glitter. No one knows this better than a woman on TikTok named Emily (@dipstxck), who used a bath bomb one night and was in for a rude awakening the next morning.

We're so grateful that Emily chose to document what she found in her tub the next morning. Although we can't be sure that her cat Moose would agree. "Oh no, Lush has made my cat sparkle," she can be heard saying offscreen. "My God, you look so cute," she added. "Oh no, Moose how do we get that out?" she wondered. Which is the question we're all wondering. That glitter is going to be stuck on Moose for days! Watch the mom casually panic in the video below.

People in the comments section had to laugh at the ridiculous situation. "Glitter is your life now. Every surface, every chair every article of clothing will now be glitter," @pinsent_tailoring teased. "Stop he looks like a little magic witch's cat I love him," @chloevardy kidded. "This is the sparkliest cat I have ever seen…. And I love it!" @thefeathersandfloofs exclaimed. 

Over 7 million viewers watched Moose's sparkly predicament, but one joke topped them all: "That’s not a cat, it’s Edward Cullen," @darcy.eaton wrote. 

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In a second video, Emily responded to a commenter who warned that glitter can be dangerous for cats to ingest. So while this was an accident, no one should try and make their cat sparkly on purpose. "For the love of God, do not put your cat in glitter," she warned. 

Another person pointed out that Lush uses synthetic glitter, so no major damage done and the TikToker seemed relieved.

"Thank you @Lush for my little Moosemaid," the cat mom joked.

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