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Cat's Sweet Friendship With Cows Is So Pure and Beautiful

This is just the cutest feline-bovine friendship ever.  It's not uncommon for animals of different species to form close bonds, just look at dogs and cats who have been raised together. This sweet farm cat adores his cow pals and loves rubbing up against them and the cows love licking him in return. Awwww!

Just watch this beautiful video that @wildrootsfarm posted for your daily dose of serotonin. 

It's just so amazingly sweet! @alwaysautumn says, "Adorable friends!" It's true, the cows are just so gentle with her. We love how they carefully nuzzle the cat as she follows them around.  @Cheryl adds "Beautiful video! So innocent." @Shawnacharlsen is just going to use this whole scenario as an excuse for some barnyard shopping, posting "So you're saying my cat needs a pet cow? OK!"

We love to see animals just chilling out together and loving on each other. Animals really are the best. Now we also need a pet cow for our cat!

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