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Pet Owners Show Why Spending a Night at a Cat-Friendly Hotel is Worth Every Penny

For pet owners, traveling can be sort of a hassle. Most hotels don't allow animals, or if they do they might tack on some hefty pet fees. But everyone once in a while you find a gem: a pet friendly hotel. Score! That's clearly what two people on TikTok were thinking when they booked a room at the AC Hotel by Marriott in Sunnyvale, CA and the two were more than willing to show their Bengal cat Melrose enjoying all of the amenities. 

Melrose and her humans hail from Los Angeles, CA, but we are sure it was a relief to know that they all were welcomed when they went away. Admittedly, Melrose's first trip to a cat-friendly hotel was "a bit chaotic at first" and the cat was "a little naughty," but ultimately she had a blast. As the video on her page @melrose_cat shows, Melrose got to vacation her way. Whether that be staring out the window for hours a day or playing with her toys in the sun. From the footage, we'd have to say that Melrose's first stay was a complete success.

People in the comments section seemed to agree. Over 1 million people watched the cat on vacation and many people were smitten. "Oh what a beautiful playful cat!!" @precious.ocean.pearl wrote. "Aww I’m so happy she had fun you should take her again," @gucciandfozzy advised. "We do Airbnb with our two girls and they love it!" @acmesuze added. 

Later in the thread, Melrose's owners explained that to keep Melrose extra safe they never left her in the room alone. "[We] also put the 'do not disturb' sign on the door. We also brought our own cleaning supplies so we could keep it tidy!" they wrote. 

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Which is some pur-fect advice.

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