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Cat's Polite Way of Asking Mom to Turn Her Game Back on Is Downright Precious

Being a pet owner is like being a parent. And a video of TikTok really does show why this is true. As Maaike Scherff (@yesmaaike) shows in the footage, her cat accidentally turned off the game she was playing on her iPad. But it was the adorable way that she asked her mama to turn the game back on that has people online in a tizzy. 

Scherff works in animation, but the number one thing she posts on her page are videos of her cats. One such video is of her cat Ladybug, who was really hurting after she accidentally turned off the game Mouse for Cats on her mama's iPad. "Do you want me to turn it back on? Where'd the game go?" Scherff can be heard asking in the background on the video. Understandably, that would be annoying to anyone, but it was the way that Ladybug asked her owner to turn the game back on that makes the footage so captivating. 

So polite! People in the comments section were also blown away by the adorable video and many jokingly compared the cat to "iPad kids". "Shake my head, this generation of cats don’t even play outside anymore, always on they iPads," @airyowo joked. "Cats these days. Cats back in my day had to walk up hill in the snow both ways just to get to school," @probably_sean_sully teased. "My cat literally begs me to put squirrel videos on tv for him," @not_cat_thumbs shared. "What a smart baby," @patlee7414 praised. 

In a follow up video, Scherff tried to show Ladybug playing her game — but things didn't go according to plan. 

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"I tried to record it but she just started trying to play on my phone," the cat mama wrote in the onscreen caption. D'oh! Better luck next time.

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