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Man Brings His Cat to a Georgia Brewery and People Are Here For It

Outdoor breweries have been rapidly increasing in popularity over the past few years. They are a great setting for a group outing, it allows people to enjoy the fresh air, and they allow pets to accompany their owners. Seeing dogs at an outdoor brewery is very common, but we never see cats at breweries. One man decided to change that.

In the TikTok video posted by @atlantababe, she captured footage of a cat wearing a harness and a leash at an outdoor brewery in Atlanta, Georgia. This good kitty is sitting patiently next to his owner while observing the other patrons. Watch the video to see how well this cat fits in the brewery scene.

OMG, this cat is cool as a cucumber. He looks happy to be there and doesn't have a care in the world.

The people in the comments are loving this video. @astroboom76 said, "Good I want more social cats," and @aj99902 commented, "The cat is just vibing. He passes the test." Another user, @michaelerikson71, joked, "The cat brought a human to the brewery." Clearly, more cats would make a wonderful addition to the outdoor brewery scene!

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Others are obsessed with the guy that brought the cat in the first place. @meicoomon5 commented, "Cat dads take their cat everywhere, and it's so nice to watch." Another user, @chiflyfloridafishing, said, "This dude is my soul mate," and @patrickreid5 commented, "Dude is the best." This man is so valid for wanting to bring his best friend with him on an evening out!

Hopefully, people take inspiration from this video and start bringing their cats on outdoor adventures. We love seeing the dogs, but the kitties need some public attention too!

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