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Video of Sweet Cat Enjoying 'Head Brushies' Totally Made Our Day

Please tell us that you've experienced a nice head scratch from one of those handheld massagers before. Because if you haven't you're seriously missing out. It's such an easy way to feel relaxed, whether you do it yourself or you get someone to do it for you. It feels so good either way! Don't believe us? Just check out this cat's reaction after he got a head scratch, or as his owner calls it, a 'head brushie.' LOL! 

In a recent clip from TikTok user @catladytails, which has over 3.9 million views on the first day, one of her cats was getting a head massage. Well, it was more like he was getting brushed out but it really looked like one of those head-scratchers. As she was brushing out his head, his face was giving the look of pure zen. You'll be jealous of him as soon as you watch this clip! 

O.M.G. He was obsessed!! Well, who wouldn't be? That's such a great feeling. And his face just screams content! This is how we're trying to be every day. Any chance they make this kind of brush for humans? LOL!

Normally brushing out your pets can be a nightmare but this brush might be the move. Other cat owners are raving about it in the comments. @lvelcro said, "My cat is the SAME with this brush and only this brush." If this company wants to sell more of these brushes, they should just use this video for their commercial! 

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We can't stop laughing at the cat's face after she stopped scratching his head. It's as @_bby.bubbles_ pointed out, "That's two different cats lmao." LOL! So true! The cat really does look completely different from his relaxed state to when the massage ended. @galaxyjupes added, "The ending😂 'Why did you stop?'” He wanted that to go on forever. We don't blame him! Luckily, that won't be the last time he gets a 'head brushie.' 

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