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Cat’s Realization That His Only-Child Days Are Over Is Going Viral

All was right in the world for this only cat child named Louis. He was enjoying the freedom that came with being an only child. He was roaming the house on his own time, sleeping whenever and wherever he wanted, and was getting all the attention he could need. It was a peaceful world. But that all came crashing down. In most families, a new sibling is not too far behind, and when they are, the only child is in for a rude awakening. 

TikTok user @louisandmelo shared a 'then and now' video of Louis enjoying life as the only cat in the house. He was happy as could be, minding his own business. Then the video flashes forward to 2022. Louis now has a little kitty sibling. And wow, he is NOT happy. His reaction to being with his new sister is absolutely hilarious. No wonder the clip has over 3.1 million views! 

OMG. Louis is absolutely furious about having a sibling! His face in the clip said it all, “Get this stupid thing away from here.” LOL! Or “Why would my parents do this to me?” Any guesses if he’ll eventually warm up to his little sister? Or is he always going to be a judgmental older brother? 

"Definitely not happy about it," wrote @Daisy. Not in the slightest! @angel.mcpeak pointed out," He at least had 2 years of peace." But the creator responded and said, "He had 7 years of peace 😁." HA! Omg 7 years and he's still so upset that he had to give it up?! In his defense, he probably got so used to being an only child that this is a difficult adjustment! He's definitely not the only older child that had this type of reaction. @ingridjumpsuitqueen said, "7-year-old Louis: First time to know I’m not the only cat in this world. What a disappointing world!" Don't worry Louis, you're still king of the castle in our books!