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Cat's Reaction to Mom Picking Him Up From the Cat Hotel Couldn't Be Sweeter

Like any parent who goes away on vacation or a work trip, leaving their child is the hardest part. As much fun as it might be to be childless for a few days, the reunion with your little one is always so great. That goes for pet parents, too. And it's not just a one-way street. Our kids and pets are over the moon when they see we've returned for them.

TikTok cat @lifeofzazu must have thought his mom wasn't going to return when he was left at the cat hotel. She was gone for a long 5 days, but when she finally came back to pick him up, she recorded his reaction. His response to seeing her has our hearts melting. The clip has over 2.9 million views and 561.2K likes, and it's easy to see why.

Aww, he couldn't believe his eyes. He was purely stunned and slightly confused maybe? He looked like he was waking up from a nap and was disoriented with where he was, lol. Zazu couldn't tell if he was dreaming when he saw his mom!

"The fact the box says fragile like, 'Yes I’m in a fragile state because you left me here' 😭," commented @Peche.tattouee. Aww! He must have been on an emotional rollercoaster, but we're so happy we got to see this reunion! 

As with any video these days, there are always trolls commenting. This time, the Karens are saying she should have left Zazu at home and had someone watch him. But not everyone has a neighbor they trust or they may not live near friends. Others were saying Zazu looked traumatized. The owner reassured everyone that Zazu was well taken care of at this cat hotel. He was couldn't believe it was her! 

"He’s not traumatized, he’s excited to see his mummy 😂🐱," wrote @Sienna-Louise. Too stunned to speak! "Everyone acting like the cat was traumatized 😂 He was asleep then like 'Hooman? You're back...Coooooolll feed me 😏,'" added @Bane & Zara. LOL. He's ready to get back to the good food. The least his owner could do is give him some catnip after leaving without him!