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Cat Acting Like Doggy Siblings When Getting Treat Is Brightening Our Day

Have you ever heard of the idea that people can start picking up on their friends' or partners' mannerisms? You may hang out with someone so much that you start saying the same lines or doing tasks a certain way. Think of it as a form of flattery. And maybe that's why this cat is acting just like her doggy siblings!

TikTok user @ssmay1111 has three dogs and a cat. Well, the term cat is used loosely because the cat has quickly picked up on dog mannerisms. Watch the end of the clip to see what we mean. It will seriously brighten your day!

Stop it! This is so stinking adorable! The cat is a 'catdog' indeed. She's been learning from the best and she clearly fits right in! If the creator didn't say anything, we would've thought it was another dog. LOL! The only thing that's left is what this TikToker wrote in the comments, "I am just waiting for her to learn to bark." Ha! That will happen in no time with these dogs influencing her!

"Love how she wasn't left out," wrote @itsthomasthestankengine." SAME! Well-deserved delicious whipped cream treats for all fur babies! 

Several TikTokers were saying this is how it is in their house too. @Miclee70 wrote, "Our (cat) is the leader in our pack." Why does that not surprise us? Cats love to be the ruler of their kingdom. LOL! "See now I need a cat to add to my pack. This is our nightly routine with my 3 dogs too," added @unknownfemale18. We fully support that idea. In fact, we might do the same!


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