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Mom Believes Cat Is Interacting With the Spirit of Fur Sibling Who Just Passed

Animals are special creatures for a number of reasons. One of those reasons is that some animals seem to have the ability to see things that aren't visible to the human eye. One cat mom thinks her kitty has this ability and is using it to communicate with his fur sibling that recently passed. 

TikTok user @ivy_adella recently shared a video of her cat, Momi, following the passing of another one of her cats, Totoro, who she recently had to put down. In the video, Momi seems to notice something that his mom doesn't see, and this cat mom thinks he might be communicating with Totoro. Check out the video to see this awesome moment when Momi recognized the spirit of his sibling!

Wow, this is amazing! It definitely seems like Momi noticed something that his mom couldn't see by the way he was looking around and moving his mouth. How precious!

People in the comments shared their condolences for the passing of Totoro. @hotwheelsandthezoo said, "I’m so, so sorry. Your sweet cat is an Angel now and with you always," and @sarabeeme commented, "I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m certain his big brother is there with you both!" We feel so sorry that Momi and his mom have to deal with the loss of Totoro!

Others agree that Momi was communicating with the spirit of his older brother. @warrenconner2 commented, "So sad, but also very amazing! I believe it’s true," and @sundaze1991 said, "Cats can definitely see spirits. That means your baby is with you guys and always will be." This is such a comforting thought to have while mourning the loss of a beloved pet!

While this is a difficult time of mourning, Momi and his mom will be able to comfort and support each other, and we are sure Totoro will be watching over both of them from above. Our pets never stop loving us, even after they pass.

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