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Cat Sneaking Treats to Dog Is Leaving Us in Stitches

It's not every day that you get to see cats and dogs working together. But it's not like it never happens. In fact, TikTok user @adventuresofpiperandfin captured a moment of Piper and Finn scheming together. 

As it turns out, Piper the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and her cat brother named Finn are partners in crime. This TikToker found Finn on the counter next to what looks like a bowl of cereal with no milk in it. And even though Piper can't get up on the counter to snack on the food, Finn helps her out. This is seriously too funny for words! 

LOL! We totally get why this video brought in over 2.3 million views within the first couple of days. It's comedic gold!  

"Cat is like, 'If you had fed your animal like you're supposed to Sharon, I wouldn't have to do everything around here," wrote @nattyp6. LMAO! Finn was totally throwing the food off the counter with sass because he was sick of the responsibility. Or maybe the cat was thinking what @midevlded said. The comment reads, "I like knocking stuff off the table. She likes eating. It's a win-win." As long as there is no mess left, it's a win in our book! 

@katiealyseb said, "I love that he doesn't even care about being caught." Finn is clearly the boss in this household and he knows that, which is why he gets away with this. LOL! 


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