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Savvy Cat Learns How to Bathe Himself and Even Drains the Tub After

If your cat isn't fond of water, you know how difficult it can be to give them a bath. They struggle to get out, they splash, they scratch you. Most cats just aren't the biggest fans of bath time, so most owners don't bathe them unless absolutely necessary. 

Now, the issue with Sphynx cats is that they do require weekly baths. If their owners don't bathe them, they can get a buildup of oil which results in acne and blackheads. TikTok user @RoswellandLeela knows this all too well, which is why she came up with this ingenious life hack in the video below. Just watch!

Yup, her beautiful boy Roswell knows how to bathe himself! @Theyforgetmy name posts, "Nice job Roswell!" @Ellieday1 has issues bathing her own cat, posting, "If only mine were like this… instead I end up with a flooded bathroom, clawed arms & a dirtier nudist." LOL! Nudist. 

The best part about this whole remarkable situation? Roswell even knows how to drain the tub himself when he's done bathing. How smart is this cat? 

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