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Viral Video of Cat Sweetly Giving Mom Hugs Before She Leaves the House Is Adorable

Cats aren't often known for their affection, but that doesn't mean there aren't affectionate felines out there! Just take a look at Ivan the Chunk--he's one loving gray cat, especially when it comes to his mom. And it's the sweetest thing!

According to their videos, Ivan and his mama get a snuggle in whenever they can, but it's a regular part of their routine before she leaves for her job with Canada Post. If we were his mama, that would be the perfect pre-work mood boost! They're both super lucky to have one another. 

Ivan is the best! His hugs and kisses are so genuine and precious--how could his mama ever leave for work after that? Well, we suppose someone has to pay for Ivan's food, treats, and toys! Still, @kellianne93 makes an excellent point. 

"You need to retire and spend every moment with him 🥺," she wrote in the comment section. Ha! We bet she'd have no issue with that, so let's help get Ivan's account more views! Maybe she can retire if Ivan starts paying the bills. 

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Until then, she has all of his hugs and kisses to keep her motivated. It's just a bonus that he's inspiring us, too! "😭 😂 Omergerd this is exactly what I needed!" shared @ambercriste. "Ivan is your little kindred spirit from another lifetime im certain of it 😭." How sweet is that? We could totally see these two having a connection spanning many lifetimes. It's the kind of bond we will all be lucky to find!

"R U KIDDING MEE 🥰," @triciababy1111 commented. Nope--no kidding here! Ivan is really this cute, and there are a ton of precious videos on his account to enjoy.

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