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Cat Who Loves to Give Mom Kisses Is Capturing Everyone’s Hearts

We love cats for their independence, glaring eyes and judgmental tendencies. That's just who they are! They definitely aren't known to be the cuddly, affectionate type, but we don't mind. We still adore them anyway! And of course, just like it is with any stereotype, there are some cats who enjoy showing love. So if you're lucky enough to be with one of those loving cats, you need to cherish it forever!

TikTok kitty @chicagoblackcat, aka Mikita, is one of the unicorn cats who doesn't mind sharing some of his love, especially with his mom. In a recent video, which has over 1.4 million views, this Black Cat's mom was asking for a kiss. Mikita's eyes are wide open, showing mixed emotions. He was probably thinking, 'Oh man, another one?' But deep down, we know he actually loves it. This sweet and innocent kiss will make you want an affectionate kitty exactly like Mikita!

Aww, what a little sweetie! He knew exactly what his mom was asking too, probably because he gets asked a million times to give kisses. LOL! But you can tell he didn't mind. That's a momma's boy right there who is not afraid of kisses and showing his affection! 

"He's standing there like, 'What am I supposed to do?'😂," commented @Alex Rivas. Ha! He was wondering if he was doing it right. Don't worry Mikita, you did it perfectly! "It's the little toofer fang for me," wrote @__sarah525. Ha! You could see a little tooth poking out. That's definitely a new way to kiss, but on Mikita, it's as cute as can be! 

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Several TikTok users have said their black cats are affectionate too. Who knew?! @jravatt said, "Black kitties are the sweetest babies." We believe it now after this TikTok! 

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