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Cat's Precious Morning Greeting for Her Owner Has People So Moved

We all have our morning routines that if we skip, the whole day will be completely thrown off. For some, that routine may include checking your phone and social media. Others may start with a quick gym session or a hearty breakfast. Whatever works for your routine, keep doing it! For us, we'd love to start our day off like TikTok user @hernameisginny

Ginny is a rescue cat. She usually sleeps with her owners, but because she's an early riser, she sneaks off the bed without waking them up. So thoughtful! But when her owners finally do wake up, she has a special morning greeting for them that's so sweet, we can't stand it. Watch what she does each day.

Aww! She really is there waiting right on the bench outside the room. And she doesn't even meow to wake them up. That's patience if we've ever seen it. 

Now, before you start scolding the owners for having Ginny outside the room, they said in the comments, "I promise the door is open and she sleeps with us when she wants to! She just wakes up before we do and is (usually) polite enough to wait. 😅." Hey, usually is better than not at all! "Wait, a cat who waits for you to wake up? Mine meows in my face at 3 a.m.," commented @semsausagesareyum. LOL. See, at least these owners get a usually patient cat! 

"Her little chirps she’s so happy to see you every day," said @katie. That kind of sound from a cat just screams love! "I’m 120% she loves seeing you every morning, you can tell the way she looks at you♥️," added @JijiTheCat. She's so thankful you rescued her and took her into such a loving home. Maybe since Ginny has been so good, these owners can start waking up a little earlier to get to the cuddles and kisses a lot earlier!