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Viral Video of Little Cat's Reaction to Dad Cooking Steaks on the Grill Is Priceless

It's truly a tragic occurrence when we see people around us eating delicious food but we aren't able to have any. Sometimes, if you ask for a bite, the person eating it will give up a bit of their food for you, but this doesn't always work. One cat knows this struggle all to well as we see in this viral video.

TikTok user @juicetheorangecat recently shared a video of their orange cat, Juice, watching his dad cook steaks on the grill. That beef must have smelled good, because Juice made it very known that he wanted some steak too. Check out the video to see Juice's reaction to the aromatic steaks!

LOL, Juice is one funny cat! He kept meowing and yelling at his dad to let him know that Juice was expecting to find some steak in his dinner bowl later. This cat has very good taste!

People in the comments found Juice's way of vocalizing his desires very funny. @h0neymilkmoon said, "I love how he's just YELLING," and @shmurda_claus commented, "That yelling was primal." Juice had to make it clear how badly he wanted some of that steak!

Others were demanding that Juice is rightfully be given some of this yummy steak. @alpinewithv commented, "Ummm, you gave him some, right? RIGHT?" and @stephenalexander said, "Bro give him something." Never fear readers, Juice's mom confirmed that he did receive some steak for dinner.

We think it's too funny when animals react to human food like this, and Juice's yelling was just priceless. We're thrilled this little guy got what he wanted, but with a face like that, who could have resisted anyway?

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