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Gorgeous Cat's Trip to the Groomer Goes Horribly Wrong

Getting your cat groomed can sometimes be hit or miss. Most cats aren't crazy about a trip to the groomer, and if you aren't super specific about the services you want performed you may end up with something you aren't totally happy with. Just like when you visit a human salon and you tell your hairdresser to just give you a trim and you end up looking like a grade school choirboy. 

That's sort of what happened to TikTok user @Zorathebeardedcat who took their gorgeous cat Zora in for a grooming session and had their cat end up looking.. well, you should probably just watch the video. 

Yikes! And LOL! That groomer did this poor cat dirty. And it's not like a cat can wear a hat over its entire body. Or use bobby pins until it grows out. @Gurgledorgen posts, "That ain't a lion cut it's a neck beard." LOLOLOL! @David adds, "Looks like a Jim Henson character from Labyrinth, so cute." She does! She's going to start performing Magic Dance any moment now. Making a hilariously excellent point, @TheKittenJester posts, "I just wonder about the person who did this. They looked at it and thought, "Oh yeah. I'm good at this." 

Too funny. That waffle fries line just makes this video. Well, Zora, you're still awful cute. Maybe next time mom can just request a wipe down and nail trim and brushing! 

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