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Precious Cat That Has Half an Ear and Half a Tail Has People Falling in Love

No one is perfect, and our imperfections are what make us interesting. For this reason, animals with unusual quirks or appearances are often met with joy and love from humans, and one kitty with a few abnormalities is capturing hearts across the internet.

TikTok user @the.biscuit.factory recently shared a video of Toup, a black and white cat that is missing half an ear, half a tail, and half his teeth! Despite these peculiarities, Toup is as lovely and adored as any other kitty. Check out the video to see why Toup is causing everyone to fall in love with him.

OMG, Toup is such a sweetheart, and his meows are too beautiful! We can totally see why everyone is head over heels for this kitty.

People in the comments are expressing their affection for Toup. @blodwyn0 said, "God I love this man!" and @kelkelcas commented, "I love everything about him." We can totally understand why!

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Others are obsessed with how talkative Toup is in the video. @syphangelex commented, "His meows were extra crispy that morning!" and @tiktokshitsock said, "Deserves all the snuggles and kisses. What cute meows." These little meows are so pleasant and comforting, we could listen to them all day!

Toup is an awesome kitty, and he just goes to show that a cat with some quirks is just as precious as any other cat!

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