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Cat's Reaction to Having a 'Ghost Photoshoot' Is Downright Hilarious

There's nothing more hilarious than people dressing their adorable cats and dogs up for Halloween. Seeing how creative and funny some of the costumes are is one of the best parts of spooky season. 

One of the cutest trends on social media is the ghost photoshoot trend people keep recreating with their dogs, and you know what's even better than seeing it created with a dog? Seeing it created with a cat. Just watch this video @ Louisandmelo posted and try not to laugh. 

We love how you can tell this cat is just not having it, even when you can hardly see his face under the sheet! @Kyleeann agrees posting, "LMAO HIS FACIAL EXPRESSION!" "I am done with this human!" @Imnotprettyposts, and yeah, this cat looks like he won't be sitting still for ghost photos again anytime soon. @Shawnanewell278 agrees adding, "The cat looks like it’s plotting your murder." 

LOL! We love him! Sometimes you just aren't into wearing your costume, and sometimes you're really not into wearing your costume. Maybe next time mom should just get to the point and dress this cute cat as The Grinch?  

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