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Cat's Innovative Way to Get Scratches from Halloween Decorations Is Genius

Our fur babies are constantly asking us for pets and scratches. And if you dare stop the scartching, their paws will quickly rest on you as a signal to keep going. Sweet, yet a little annoying. If only all pets could be as smart as this neighborhood cat then we wouldn't have to spend all our time petting them. LOL!

TikTok user @gonzoxox captured the absolute perfect video of the neighborhood cat. This cat must really love getting scratches because he was getting them from anyone and anything. And this clip shows us just how innovative this cat is. Check it out!

O.M.G. It didn't matter to this cat where the scratches were coming from, as long as it continued he would take them. LOL! "A hand is a hand!!" wrote @serenaandlizzy. Hey, whatever gets the job done! And honestly, this cat is onto something. Instead of constantly asking our partner for a back scratch, we should just start using the Halloween decorations! 

@steffanieswayney said, "Awwwww pet that cat!" We were thinking the same thing, why wasn't this TikToker petting the fur baby?! But don't worry the creator said she was. The cat just wanted more and more. LOL! 

"Can this be left all year long for the baby to get pets please?" asked @Mara_evh. That's a great idea! And we're pretty sure none of the neighbors would mind. Or maybe they can continue putting out holiday decorations all year that have scratching capabilities. Ha! It's the least they can do for this adorable baby! 


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