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Cat's Reaction to Getting 'Fish Finger Happy Meal' Is Too Cute

It's so much fun to spoil your pet on occasion! Between 'pup cups' at Starbucks and dressing our pets in adorable clothing we all love treating them to the very best. Which is why we love this adorable video that TikTok account holder @Jadehill855 posted of their cute cat eating a McDonald's fish finger Happy Meal for the first time.

Just look at this sweet baby enjoying their special happy meal treat! It's just too cute! 

@Salembarnes has a McDonald's loving cat too, and they post, "My cats go insane over chicken nuggets." @Nightingalecrafts sadly adds, "Our elderly cat's final meal was a chicken nugget happy meal. She was a total trash goblin, so it was a big hit with her." Awww, that is too sweet. @NataliemIchelle hilariously posts, "And then there is my cat that eats plastic & isn’t interested in our chicken or fish." 

It goes without saying, you should not feed your pet a diet consisting only of Mickey D's because there are far healthier choices out there. But an occasional happy meal? Nothing wrong with spoiling your fur baby once in a while! 

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