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Cat Sweetly Shows Off Her ‘Surprise’ Baby Much to Human Mom’s Disbelief

Imagine how surprised one woman was when she came home to find out that she had not one cat, but two. Yep, it's true! Kat Terry was totally caught off guard when she realized that her cat had given birth. As she explained in a her latest TikTok video, she didn't even know that her kitty was pregnant. Double surprise!

The cat mom recently shared her discovery on her page @kat_terry, where other people chimed in on the bombshell news. The video shows Terry trailing behind her cat, as the pet leads her to where her new kitten was hidden. "Can you show me your baby?" she can be heard asking in the background. "When you have no idea that your cat is pregnant and she has a single copy of herself," Terry wrote in the video's onscreen text. Her cat's reaction to being a new mother is almost too precious for words. Take a look!

The comments section was all about the cat's major reveal. "She’s like 'MAAA look what I made us,'" @offtheboat13 wrote. "She really said copy and paste," @nerdinhiding joked. "Awww just 1? You have to keep it," @vegasbaby2333 urged. 

While another commenter explained that something similar happened to them. "My cat did this years ago. I think about her and him randomly. I’ll never forget finding him on my bed thinking it was a mouse," @sassyjacksie shared. 

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Thank goodness Terry seems to have a good sense of humor about the whole thing. And later shared that they were going to keep their new kitten. "This baby is staying with us," she wrote. 

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