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Cat Who Has Traveled the World Gives Most People a Run for Their Money

Whether vacations are a special treat or a larger piece of your lifestyle, they're even more special when your furry friend is along for the ride. Most of the time, you'll see dogs traveling alongside their favorite people, but in this's one adorable cat!

Though this particular clip is only one of @spongecake_cats' many viral videos--which often feature his siblings, too--it's making viewers swoon left and right. Not only is Sponge Cake positively adorable, but he's living the life we wish we all had. Being carried around the most famous cities on Earth? Um--yes, please!

Prescious and pampered? This is exactly how every pet should be! No wonder Sponge Cake and his feline siblings have so many fans. 

"My daily serotonin boost," @lilmeowmeow762 commented on the clip. "Thank you for always sharing these videos." We see why this viewer comes back every day! These kitties and their dad are the sweetest things, but that scene of Sponge Cake as a kitten had us dying. 

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@Pawdad8472 feels the very same way. "Omg such a tiny kitten!!" he wrote. "He has been to so many places 🥰." It's wild how much can happen in just a few years! It's not immediately clear just how old Sponge Cake is, but if you ask us, he's just as precious as he was as a baby. We totally agree with @beansthegingercat who said, "Aww we need to see more kitten photos!! 🥰." Yes, we do!

Until then, we have plenty to ogle over on Sponge Cake's account, including more detailed accounts of places the gang has travelled to. We want to give a shout out to @hallocke for asking one of the questions we were dying to ask ourselves: "is it hard to travel with a cat??"

"Not too hard," @spongecake_cats replied. "We trained them first. There is paperwork involved. So much fun though 🥰." That sounds very time-consuming but oh-so-rewarding. Can you imagine sharing once-in-a-lifetime memories like these with your best furry friend?

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