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Cat's Funny Way of Telling Mom He Doesn't Like Her Singing Makes Us LOL

Unfortunately for all of us, not everyone can sing like Beyoncé. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to belt it out in the privacy of your own home. Unless you're one woman on TikTok, who was seriously judged by her own cat for her *ahem* unique singing voice. 

The woman should've known her cat would be a harsh judge just by his name alone: Justin Bieber (@justinbieberthecat_). Yep, he was named after the Biebs! The video shows Justin walking over to some of his cat buttons, while his mom is singing in the background. "I'm trying to sing while recovering from Covid," the video's text overlay reads. And it looked like Justin had a very strong opinion. 

"Noise. Mad," the buttons say. Oop. Well okay then, Justin. Tell us what you really think! 

With over 373,000 views, it looks like other people found the humor in the cat's performance review. "I'm so glad buttons showed us that cats are exactly what we expected them to be," @evae515 quipped. "One time I was rehearsing for an audition and my cat walked into the room, listened and promptly threw up in front of me. Justin was kind," @kodietg joked. "Last time I sang in front of my cat he hissed at me so I can understand this betrayal lol," @lady.jessica shared. "We knew If we gave them the ability they would be like this lol," @mingalee1 wrote. 

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This mom seems to have a sense of humor about the whole thing, however. Although we're sure she won't be busting out in song anytime soon. 

"Teach your cat to talk they said… it’ll be fun they said," she joked in the caption. 

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