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Cat Who Insists on Mom Warming Up His Bed Each Day Is a Total Legend

Who says that cats aren't picky? Anyone who's tried in vain to get their cat to eat their food can tell you that's true. But one cat has something else that their very particular about — and TBH when you see what it is we doubt that you could blame blame him. If you ask us, Milo just has taste.

The adorable video was shared by Milo's owner @pablismom, who must've realized that his hysterical habit wasn't going to go away anytime soon. "So everyday Milo sits next to his bed and stares at me," she wrote in the text overlay. "Because he wants his bed warmed up before he naps in it." The cat owner then showed their personal method for giving Milo a toasty bed to sleep in. And yep, Milo seems to be giving his mama some serious 'tude. 

"I don’t understand Milo nowadays," she wrote in the caption. 

The video has since been watched over 1.6 million times and people were cracking up over Milo's bougie ways. "That brings spoiled to a whole other level!! Go Milo!!!" @ndirishmom wrote in the comments section. "Now that’s what you call a diva. Mariah Carey has nothing on Milo," @arnb134 quipped. "He makes his servant do the work. Clever Milo," @chinobuz joked. "The king is ready for his nap," @robdonkercurtius joked.

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And another cat mom could feel the TikToker's pain. "My cat woke me up in the middle of the night because he wanted me to accompany him to the bathroom," she wrote. 

Some cats just know how to live the good life.

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