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Woman's Hiking Trips With Her Cat Make Us All Want an Adventure Feline

It's not exactly a secret that dogs make great hiking buddies, but not as many people consider bringing along their feline friend when going outside. Even so, a cat definitely can come along for the adventure! There certainly are many benefits to keeping your kitty indoors, from safety to convenience, but with the right training and considerations, you'll have a new trail buddy in no time. 

Mileena, who goes by @bohomeena on TikTok, is sharing a few sneak peeks into hikes with her cat named Rusty, and her followers are loving it. Needless to say, it works a bit differently than walking a dog, but it's just as fun and adorable.

Rusty is such a great adventure buddy! He is so still when riding on his mom's back, and his leash manners are worthy of a chef's kiss. No wonder viewer @peachwizardd asked, "how’d you train himmm?" Mileena promised to upload another video with this highly sought after information.

"I take mine out in the backyard that’s as far as he’s going," shared @disciple2000. We don't blame you! A lot of cat owners (and cats themselves) feel safer staying indoors, and that's A-OK. It's all about what works best for you!

For Rusty and Mileena, though, traveling seems to be working very well. "Bro your cat is gonna live for like 39 years he gets so much exercise and enrichment 😭," commented @absolutelynot151. He certainly seems like he loves the great outdoors!

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