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Cat's Annoyed Reaction to New Kitten Wanting to Cuddle Is Totally Priceless

Babies can be absolutely adorable, but that doesn't mean everyone wants one! Especially when it comes to younger siblings, it can be a hit-or-miss kind of deal. That's just life!

Unfortunately for TikTok user and cat mum @emmeym, her older feline, a gorgeous gray cat named Minnie, was not thrilled to be getting a sibling. She proves this firsthand in a hilarious video clip that's been viewed over 1.2 million times. Just watch what Minnie does when the new kitten starts to paw at her. We cannot stop laughing! 

LOL, we don't know who we love more in this video! Minnie's grumpy response is downright hilarious as her lil' sis snuggles in, but baby Ginny is so precious and innocent! We'd take a snuggle from her any day.

So would @jenniferbthiele, who commented, "she's like, 'I'm just a baby.'" Aww, that would be the perfect audio pairing for this video. Insert chef's kiss here! We also LOLed at the remark from @disembodiedtoast, who wrote, "kitten is like 'who we mad at?'" Ha--she's certainly ready to throw paws!

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Seriously, though, Ginny is so naive that it's actually cute. Or maybe she knows her sis isn't actually that upset! Commenter @peebothefriend offered, "the swatting at her face and her not swatting back just proves that she’s not actually mad, she’s just being a big dramatic baby 😂!" OMG, maybe so--that is a very 'cat' thing to do.

Based on Emmey's response, this may very well be the case! She confirmed, "Minnie is the queen of drama in this house"-- a fact we definitely already knew. 

Another commenter--@nurseratched1--suggested a "slow introduction. Keep em separate 4 or 5 days switching out scented items. Then slow meeting." There are definitely a lot of ways to navigate a cat introduction so no one gets overwhelmed or hurt!

In this case, it seems like Minnie and Ginny are kept under a watchful eye. Kudos to their mum for keeping them both safe and happy! Without her diligence and care, we never would have gotten this video or it's wonderful comments.

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