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Cat’s Sweet ‘Revenge’ on the Vacuum Cleaner Is Making Us LOL

Like Batman and the Joker, the Powerpuff Girls and Mojo Jojo, or Harry Potter and Voldemort; there are some rivalries that stand the test of time. In one house, it's the family Bengal Cat that has some serious beef. But when you see who his nemesis is, you'll totally laugh. 

The kitty, who hasn't been named online, was recently caught fighting for his life in a video shared on his mama's TikTok page. Lana (or @lana.hidas) just happened to have her phone out when her Bengal got into it with his arch rival — the Roomba. "He got scared of the robot vacuum and now he gets his revenge," she wrote in the video's onscreen text. Things even got physical, although you'll want to see the kitty's little swats for yourself. "He wouldn’t stop doing it…" Lana wrote in the caption.

Other cat owners could feel the mom's pain. "My cat literally peed on my Roomba several times, I have to close the kitchen where it is stored now," @life_of_sergey wrote. "I had a female kitten who did this to the landline phone. Wallop! Wallop! Wallop! The ring had startled her," @wizard.of.awes shared. "Aww my kitten jumps on ours and attacks it while it's on. She keeps getting it the way so it doesn't vacuum properly lol," @mayhemsucks. 

While other people cheered the cat on. "Please turn the robot on again, wanna see his reaction," @izzfalastin99 begged. "That’s it you have killed it well done," @clairabella4 praised. "This is for this, and for that, and for that.." @unatestadizucca joked. "Why do I feel sorry for the robot?" @joost.rijkhoff wondered. 

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Fortunately, we think the Roomba will survive to vacuum another day. But we don't see this rivalry ending any time soon.

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