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Video of Protective Cat Holding on Tightly to ‘His Baby’ Is Just the Best

The only thing cuter than one animal is a pair who absolutely love each other. Here's Exhibit A, one sweet cat named Mozart and his foster kitten, whom he positively adores. The two can be seen snuggling together as they nap on the couch, though even as his eyes are getting heavy, Mozart keeps a protective paw on the baby.

We have feline foster mama @tonya.leann to thank for this adorable clip, and Mozart to thank for his protective instincts. Just look at that little baby all snuggled in! And the way Mozart is holding them? Absolutely priceless. Take a look!

OK–we’ve had this on repeat for at least a minute and it’s not nearly enough. The love between Mozart and this kitten is too pure for words, and those purrs? Exquisite. Just as @aryunhinged wrote in the comments, “all that purring I would’ve felt so tempted to just lay down right beside them 😂.” We’ll join you!

From the looks of it, Mozart's human parents noticed the cats' bond, too. In the video description, @tonya.leann told viewers that this foster baby will not be the last. "I think we will foster some more kittens…" she said. "Mozart needs kittens 🤣❤️."

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With an A+ response, @amyrose9100 commented, "I think Mozart needs THAT kitten." We second this!

Now that has us wondering whether the kitten needs Mozart, too. Having a paw around you as you rest must be very comforting, especially for such a young kitten who's now away from Mom. @demabrwe could see Mozart putting his arms around the baby "to keep him calm, like a weighted blanket 🥰." That sounds pretty relaxing if you ask us...

As @leehodge739 commented, “He’s either being protective or possessive, maybe both!🥰.” Whatever the reasoning behind the snuggles may be, they’re sweet enough to watch on repeat. Here’s to hoping Mozart and the kitten have plenty of time for cuddles before the little one finds their furever home!

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