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Sphynx Cat's Trip to Home Depot Is All Too Relatable

There are some very sad people around the world during this time of year. Those who are lacking something very special that would make their spooky season that much more wonderful and magical. Those who leave the comfort of their homes every brisk fall day in hopes of obtaining the one thing that would make Halloween the best day of the year. 

Yes, I'm talking about those of us who still have yet to obtain a 12 foot skeleton from Home Depot. SIGH. Look at the face of @BorisKatloff  the gorgeous sphynx cat here and see if you don't have the exact same expression every time you visit Home Depot. 

Even though Boris looks amazingly cranky we can't help but agree with @PamelaStilwell376 who says "Adorable!" @Sam_the_fluff is all about the soundtrack with him saying "Love the song with him!" @Ginawright819 posts "So stinking cute!" And we totally agree with her, but you know what would make Boris even cuter?

Posing with his own 12 foot skeleton! This good buy deserves one for being such a great shopping companion! I guess it's back to Home Depot for all of us. 

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