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Cat Gets Caught Helping Himself to Mom's Hot Chocolate and the Evidence Is Priceless

We can't stop laughing after watching a video on TikTok of a cat being caught red handed inside his owner's special drink. Apparently, the kitty didn't realize he had evidence all over him after leaving the scene of the crime. But his mama was easily able to put the evidence together. Take a look at what happened when she confronted her prime suspect.

Little Tripp really tried to pull one over on his mama — but she was just a little too clever for Tripp's sneaky actions. The footage shows a clearly guilty Tripp right after taking a big sip of his mama's drink. "So someone helped themselves to my hot chocolate. Do you know who did it?" @tripp.e.toes can be heard saying from off-camera. Take a look at the video below and see if you could've solved the crime as quickly as this cat mama did. 

 "He sized me up and down and said 'I ain't no snitch,'" she joked in the caption. 

With over 370,000 views, so many people were willing to vouch for Tripp. "He's innocent! He's being framed," @dperry1122 joked. "I know it definitely wasn't this cutie!!" @nicolejohnson086 agreed. "Well, it very clearly wasn't that innocent little, adorable Tripp!! I mean, in all honesty, you have no proof!!" @carrie_bella added. "The way he looked you up and down and dared you to try him is EXACTLY why I’m obsessed with cats," @lindseymurphy777 joked. 

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Later in the thread, Tripp's mama also clarified that the cat didn't drink any of her hot chocolate, which might not be good for him to eat. "He helped himself to the WHIPPED CREAM. Obviously," she wrote.

Whew! That's a relief!

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