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Cat's Sweet Response to Seeing His Owner After a Week at the Cat Hotel Is Just Precious

We all hate leaving our loved ones for long periods of time because we miss their comforting familiarity and it creates a hole in our hearts. For animals, it can be even more difficult because they don't understand why their parents are leaving them or when they're coming back. One video of a cat and his owner reuniting after time apart shows us just how important family is to our animals.

TikTok user @kingmunchie recently shared a video of his reunion with his black and white cat, Lucious, after a week apart when the kitty was left in a cat hotel while his owner went on vacation. Check out the video to see this lovely reunion that clearly meant the world to Lucious!

Aww, this is so sweet! We feel so bad that Lucious was clearly missing his dad, but his excitement on his face when his dad came to pick him up from the cat hotel was awesome to see!

People in the comments hoped that Lucious would not have to be without his dad again for a long time. @cindykhodea77 said, "Never leave him again," and @honeyyy109 commented, "Hello I’m the lawyer for your cat. Don’t you ever leave him again!" Looks like we need to figure out how Lucious can go on vacation with his owner next time!

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Others were imagining how sad this must have been from the kitty's perspective. @omg.randi commented, "So sad because they aren’t sure you’re coming back." Another user, @xlraza, said, "Cats and dogs don't understand your holidays and days away. To them it's like the last good bye." This is so heartbreaking! We hope our pets know we would never abandon them.

We just love seeing reunion videos like this because it reminds us how beautiful the bond is between a pet and their owner. We know there were plenty of cuddles and treats given to Lucious when they got home from the cat hotel!

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