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15-Year-Old Cat's Reaction to 'Cat House' in the Back Yard Couldn't Be Better

We all like to treat our pets right, but one person on TikTok has taken things up a notch. The TikTok creator from Australia got her cat Kody a very special gift — a brand new house! And believe us when we say we wish we could move in too. 

From the looks of the TikTok page @princesshoneybellex, this cat definitely needs his own space. So we could see why his owner decided to give him an upgrade. The video shows Kody walking up to his new house. "Biggest regret buying our 15-year-old cat a house?" the video's text overlay reads. "Wish we did it sooner!" His reaction is just too sweet! Kody definitely loves his new place.

The house even has a custom sign which reads "Kody's Coop." Absolutely perfect! "Worth every cent to see him happy," the video's caption reads. 

The video has since been watched over 455,000 times and people really loved Kody's new pad. "It’s Kody’s own special place," @kathryn250678 wrote. "Looooove it!!! I have an outdoor cat house as well for my cat and she loves it," @mariiapelo shared. "Kody's little Castle!! He seems to love it, I love it! It's so CUTE! Kody is a beautiful boy," @chellbell1963 exclaimed. "I have a coop for mine. Much better than cat houses. Mine love theirs too," @tineybash explained.

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Another video on the TikTok page explains that Kody got the house for his birthday. "He's been an indoor his whole life, but loved going out for a few minutes each day," the text overlay explains. "Now he can safely enjoy time in the fresh air each day," it continues.

We love seeing Kody become an outdoor cat!

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