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Cat Gets Caught Ready to Pounce on a Fawn and Her Confidence Has People Impressed

Cats are known for their, well, bold personalities. Whether they're little demons or over-the-top angels, you can really never know what to expect. Every pet is different! 

Cat mama Cara, who goes by @carapprice on TikTok, knows precisely what this is like. Her fur baby--a sweet tuxedo cat who lives in the yard-- is a bit of a hunter (or at least she thinks she is), but even Cara was surprised just how confident Simone is in her skills. Just look at her target!

Yep, sassy Miss Simone is really trying to take down a deer! We're glad her mama intervened in case she really tried to go for it, but we'd be lying if we said we aren't impressed with her self-confidence. So are all of her viewers!

"Cats like, '...I can take him,'" commented @captainsneakers. Right?! She is in full focus mode and is ready to pounce at a moment's notice. Not even her mom's comments could deter her from her would-be prey!

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"Tbh she could prolly do it," wrote @gardeningfailures. Do you think? We're glad Simone get the chance to find out, but now it has us wondering--are cats or deer faster? Maybe this feline wasn't being that overconfident after all! With affirmations like @montanamustang6's "I'm a big cat! I'm a big cat I'm a BIG CAT 🦁," Simone can get business done! 

And then there's the fawn, who seems just as confused as Cara. Like @alope3214 said, "the deer like 'hey, get yo boi. He lookin at me funny' 😂." Ha! If anything, the little one does look a bit annoyed, so we're sure they appreciated Cara's intervention. Deer are friends, not food, Simone! Maybe she'll keep this in mind next time she prowls around the yard.

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