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Couple Buying New Home Requests to Keep the Seller's Cat

When purchasing a new home sometimes the buyer will request a certain amount of repairs to be done or an item of furniture be included in the sale. This is a common practice and when putting an offer on your dream home it never hurts to ask if the seller can add a painting allowance or include that amazing grand piano you spotted in the family room. The seller may not say yes, but if you don't ask, you'll never know. That's why this video posted by TikTok account holder @TokByTori is so brilliant! 

Just watch the following video and see what Tori and her husband requested be included in the sale! Their realtor said it's the first time they had ever seen this! 

We just love this! Dream house, dream cat! @Mistystarr comments, "Haha!!! I had some offers for my Persian when we sold but it was a hard no. They should have asked for the hubby."  A lot of people were pretty insulted by this situation, and @CW posted, "If someone made an offer on my house and asked for my pets, I would probably cuss them out!" @Adria agreed commenting, "I’d immediately terminate the contract." 

 According to a follow-up video, what happened was when the new buyers had the inspection the owner was present, and explained that he was moving to a town home due to a divorce and the Persian cat loves the yard and home. The buyer jokingly asked if the cat could be included in the purchase and the seller agreed because he didn't want to uproot the cat. Win/win!What a happy ending for all, including the beautiful cat! 

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