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Kitten Who Is 'Interested in Mom's Cooking' Is Just Impossible to Resist

Just like children, our pets are always interested in what we're doing, especially when they're young. They're constantly by your side, curious as can be. And sometimes that curiosity gets them into trouble. But we can't stay mad at them for long. They're too cute to be angry at. The good thing is that not all curiosity leads to trouble!

One kitty, in particular, has captured our hearts for being the perfect, curious cat. Known on TikTok as @twigs_the_cat, this little fella is very intrigued by cooking. Every time his mom is in the kitchen making food, he’s right there next to her. She wrote in the video text, “He’s so interested in my cooking.” Aww! And the best part of the clip is how sweetly he’s sitting there watching her cook. He’s the perfect sous chef!

Aww! This is SO cute! His eyes were laser focused and he was sitting so patiently. He wanted to know every single step mom took for this recipe so he could recreate it one day! No notebook needed. He's got a picture-perfect memory. 

"Man's finna be a professional👏🏽😫," said @captain..fridge. Start 'em young and he'll be an expert in no time. Remy from Ratatouille better watch out, this kitty looks like he's coming for his job! Or better yet, they should team up and bring us the next greatest restaurant. "He needs a lil chef's hat," added @fran.thehabibi. Oh, absolutely! All the best sous chefs have them! 

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Another TikTok user, @Angry_Noodle, wrote, "Aww that's cute - he deserves a little piece of the food for that." That makes us think. Is this kitty doing that because he's interested in cooking or is it because he hopes to get something to nibble on? LOL! Either way, he definitely deserves to taste test what she's making. It's what all chefs do!

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