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Video of Cat ‘Investigating’ Her New Baby Sister Is Full of Pure Sweetness

People can sometimes be a little shy or cautious when meeting someone new. And that’s normal! It might take a few times meeting someone to feel like you can open up. Even animals are like this. Some can be very timid when meeting a stranger, but then after a few meetings, they become besties. We're positive that's going to be the case with this cat. 

TikTok user @officialiizcat shared a video of a cat named Minnie meeting her baby sister. The little baby was being held and Minnie was looking up. It seemed like she wasn’t quite sure of the new tiny human. So to get a closer look, she hopped onto the couch. Very cautiously she started to sniff and investigate the baby. Watch to see how her reaction progresses. 

This is SO sweet! Minnie the cat was a little hesitant, but she was also so curious. If she wasn’t, she wouldn’t have hopped up next to the baby! And her eyes were getting so big. She must’ve known this little human was going to be the newest member of the tribe. 

@Devi Sankar said, "Large eyes full of Love." So much love! Another commenter, @brendababy7, added, "Oooo a new little hooman 😁." A new little hooman for Minnie to snuggle with! @bonnieblackburn90 wrote, "Tell her it's ok to love the baby." Aww, leave Minnie be. She's just shy but she's apparently already getting closer to her baby sister every day. We love that! 

Aww! “This is so beautiful. Soon they will be inseparable,” said @Regina Phalange. We can see it. Before the baby’s parents know it, Minnie won’t leave her side.