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Cat's Jealous Reaction to Fur Sibling Getting Mom's Attention Is Just the Best

Sibling rivalry is a very real phenomenon, whether you're human, canine, or feline! In this case, it's two sweet kitties competing for Mom's attention, though one seems interested in getting a meal out of the deal more than anything. After all, this cat's TikTok handle is @fatcat391 for a reason. Readers, meet Zoey!

This silly girl already boasts over 433 thousand followers thanks to her food bowl shenanigans. Yep, Zoey's favorite thing to do is tip and rock her food bowl for attention...and also for food. If you think that sounds funny, just wait until you see her try to use this tactic to distract her mom! There's no way she's going to let her fur sibling get all the love.

What did we tell you? She's such a little show-off! From the moment her mama scooped up her sibling for a snuggle, Zoey was giving her performance all she's got, and TikTok is absolutely living for the drama. 

"The amount of abuse is over whelming 😂😂," joked commenter @lisat423. Ha! Zoey is certainly playing up her empty dish and acting even cuter than she already is--she must be starving for both food and attention! No wonder Mom has to catch these little fits on camera. 

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Luckily for this white and orange kitty, though, she caught her mom red-handed, too! The feline even looks into the camera as if to ask, "did you see that?" Heck yeah, we did! Just like @canuckgirlie commented, "video evidence is so key," so now we can build a formal case to win Zoey back the attention she deserves. 

"I’m her lawyer," agrees @exit_59. "Give her food, treats and cuddles and she won’t press charges." That sounds more than fair to us!

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