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Cat Jumping Through Hula Hoop Is the Coolest Trick We've Seen

Dogs are always the ones getting credit for doing cool tricks, but let us tell you, they aren't the only ones who can do it. With just a little bit of practice with patience, you can teach your cats tricks too.

We found that out after stumbling upon TikTok user @fatfatpankocat. This cat named Panko is putting all other pet tricks to shame. In this clip, her owner was holding up a hula hoop and we immediately thought there was no way the cat could make that jump. But here we are, getting proven wrong again. Check it out! 

O.M.G. How cool is that!? Panko really did do the thing. And she absolutely rocked at it! "Her cleanest jump ever," said @kojoyz. That's a fact! She's got 10s all around from the judges, all thanks to her beautiful form. 

"The way she just froze into position mid-air," commented @elite_nate0316. Apparently, cats can now levitate. Ha! She really looked like she was levitating when she jumped through the hoop. It even made the video feel like it was paused for a second. LOL! "Her feet when she’s in the air," added @razorgrrarfgrowlgrr. The cutest, tiniest paws we've ever seen! 

@NamoiTheCutee wrote, "Wow, you've trained a cat successfully." We've never seen it done before but now we know it's possible! "That's one small step for man. One giant leap for Panko-kind," said @user125404813. She's truly paving the way for other cats to perform tricks and we can't wait to see the results!


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